Why your life is blah

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2019

If you’re currently not really loving your life/it’s a bit of a snooze/you aren’t really sure what the deal is but you know that it’s not nearly as good as you’d thought it would be growing up/you spend hours upon hours on Google trying to find that new career, boyfriend, job, city to live in, apartment, clothes, sperm donor, friends, whatever it is you feel is currently missing…it’s time to have a look at your life.

And before you get all worried I’m going to go all deep on you, fear not, this will be (relatively) easy!

Tell me….what does your life involve?

What do you do each day? What’s your routine? Do you do the same stuff day in day out? Is your life super predictable?

The mundaneness of my life was THE key feature of my life during my Quarter Life Crisis. I was in a rut. Like a really deep rut that at the surface didn’t seem too bad but was, and had been for years, sapping the happiness out of me. I was like everyone around me, waking up on Monday, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, watching TV and going to bed. Rinse and repeat all week with perhaps the odd dinner out with friends and some exercise thrown in and a few somewhat interesting things on the weekend, but that was it.

Totally normal right? Yeah, normal but BORING as hell! And it was this boring and the desire for something better that drove me into my QLC and the years of trying to figure out if there was a better way to live life (..and pssssst there is).

There was nothing in this routine of a life that made me the kind of happy that I was as a kid (which, despite what we’re told, is still achievable as an adult…hallelujah!). I didn’t find any particular joy in my job (though the people I worked with were all kinds of awesome), my social life mainly involved drinking to excess (nothing particularly fulfilling there), I had no hobbies (mainly because I thought that was lame). I was a regular, passionless person.

Which as a side note was the #1 reason why my default relationship status was single. So take heed you single people out there that are looking for love, because the second I pumped some fun, passion and happiness into my life, my now husband appeared. Magic!

So what happened?

I had a big fat realization I was living 100% in my comfort zone.

And if I didn’t do something about that my life would continue for all my years to come being unfulfilling and lame and I’d end an old matron in the nursing home with nothing but a life full of regrets.

Comfort Zone…

For sure you’re all familiar with the term but do you really get its significance in your life? If you’re in a life you don’t love then allow me to answer that question for you and say no, you don’t, because it’s your comfort zone that is keeping you where you are.

Your comfort zone is designed to keep you safe and from facing the things that you fear.

The only thing is that is that the awesome life you want is waiting for you on the other side of that fear. You know that Roosevelt quote…

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

It is BANG on. Fear keeps you safe, paralyzed, too scared to pursue things that would give you the life that you want.

Are you too scared to take the leap and change careers to the one you REALLY want to be doing at 29 for fear of disappointing your parents, wasting your university education or starting again as the new kid?

Is there a list of things that you want to do but continually put them off because you’re just to lazy, ‘busy’ or whatever to break free from your routine?

Are you scared to try something new because you don’t want to be judged, make a fool of yourself or stand out? Are you constantly making what you know deep down are excuses to avoid putting yourself in new and potentially uncomfortable situations?


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Thank you Neale Donald Walsch, excellent words that I, and many, many, many people before me have proven. Face your fear, break through your comfort zone and it’s bloody AMAZING what happens. But more on that in the coming weeks…

For now though, really consider your life and be honest..

What is your comfort zone?


What are you avoiding doing because of fear?

More on this coming oh so soon xx


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