The Benefits Of Action

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2019

It’s all well and good to understand the theory of things.

Like that your fears are keeping you stuck inside your cozy, safe little comfort zone and that in order to have the epically awesome life that you want, then you need to face those fears and bust through your comfort zone. That’s a truth that a lot of you I’m sure have heard before in one way or another…hopefully from me in the last few weeks! Oh, and if you haven’t, fear not, you can catch up on all of this HERE.

It’s one thing to know this about your comfort zone, but something differently entirely putting into practice in your life through action.

Where are you right now…have you got the theory down but are still paralyzed when it comes to taking action and doing what will ACTUALLY change your life?

Another way to ask that question would be asking how committed you are to creating the epic, awesome life that you want. Committed enough to do what might seem rather scary at the moment?

It isn’t until you take action, like actually take physical action, that any of this theory will do you any good. You can read and ponder and read some more and fool yourself into thinking that just because you know this stuff, your life will improve as a result.

It won’t. I tried that.

Failure to act on what you know will change your life is just procrastination, laziness, avoiding responsibility and letting fear run your life.

As the self-proclaimed queen of the Quarter Life Crisis (read all about that HERE), there was a decade there where I found my life to be a big waste of my life. I spent every weekday counting down to the weekend, only to spend Sunday living in dread of the week ahead. I was disconnected, frustrated and at a loss why my life no longer had the excitement, fun and happiness that it had so heavily featured until adulthood.

I hit a super duper low point when the guy I was convinced was my future husband completely disappeared on me after 3 months of dating (yeah, not that surprising really!). And it was at this point that I stumbled across mindfulness and learned that by changing my approach to life, my life would change. It wasn’t long till I pretty much put my life on hold for 6 months to spend every spare second I head learning EVERYTHING I possibly could about this new way of thinking.

It wasn’t till I took a moment to reflect that the huge of information I now knew about mindfulness hadn’t changed my life at all. And it was all because I was living my life day to day the exact same way I always had. I decided that moment that if I ever wanted the life I knew I deserved then I had to go actually live it.

It was time for seriously MASSIVE action and I was rewarded insanely quickly with the changes in my life I had only dreamed of until then. My dream job pretty much fell into my lap, a found an amazing new boyfriend (who is now my husband) and fairly quickly had plans to move to the country to be with him where I’ve never been happier.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” 
– Pablo Picasso

Not to mention the fact that that just taking this action made me feel seriously alive for the first time in years. I felt like I was finally myself in the most happy, empowered, confident, unstoppable and fun loving version possible.

If my story hasn’t quite convinced you how amazing taking action can be for one’s life then here are the benefits of action neatly laid out for you:

  1. You will stop wasting your time

    Sitting around in indecision, doing nothing new will get you nothing but more of the same. Make a decision to take action (and ACTUALLY take it) and all of a sudden you’re heading somewhere. Not sure what action to take? DO ANYTHING, it really doesn’t matter. Do something you love, you have mad skills in, whatever your passionate about. It really doesn’t matter because as you start moving forward you’ll find that you’ll end up exactly where you need to be. It literally is magic!

  2. Action brings clarity

    This follows on from the point above that it seriously does not matter what action you decide to take, you WILL end up where you’re wanting to be. It’s all about failing forward, failing often and failing fast. And just so you’re aware, failure isn’t what you think it is, it is seriously just an opportunity to learn. That’s the thing, you take action, you either get the result you’re after or you learn some epic lesson that will still get you to the result you’re after.

    Here’s a super simple example. You decide you want a raise. You randomly meet your boss in the elevator and decide why not, I’ll ask her now for a raise. She says, ‘this is a super inappropriate way to ask for a raise, how about we talk some other time.’ So getting the raise was a bit of a fail but you just learnt how to go about asking so that next time you get it. Hello clarity!

  3. You’ll learn some epic lessons

    It really is one thing to understand that living in your comfort zone is holding you back and a completely different thing to do something about that in your own life. It is only when you put something into practice that you REALLY understand how and why it works for you and therefore how you can continue to progress towards the awesome life you’re after.

  4. A new perspective and a whole lot of confidence

    Taking action is the only way to really start living your life in a new and awesome way. It’s stepping out of the fear and indecision that are keeping you stuck where you are and when you take those first steps a whole new world will open up for you. Each step you take will also give you increasing amounts of confidence, power and all kinds of amazing feelings and it’s those feelings that are EXACTLY what you need to change your life.

I 100% get it though that the first step can be and really is the scariest to take. I know that feeling of indecision, fear of ‘failure’ and just having no idea where to go or what to do. I’ve been there and I know it completely sucks.

And it’s because I know how much it sucks that I’m so totally passionate and obsessed with helping anyone and everyone that is stuck where I was create their most awesome lives while having a ton of fun in the process.

Which is also why I’ve got a bit of a free challenge starting on the 11th March, 5 Days to Freedom, which will give you all the support, guidance and encouragement you need to start taking the baby steps that no joke have the potential to lead you to a whole new awesome life. Oh and did I mention it’s free?!? Yay!

Sign up HERE because it’s going to be awesome, so awesome that I’ll even be doing the challenge along with you (I get epic FOMO and I know how powerful this stuff can be at any stage of your life!). Hope to see you there because this is one epic opportunity to get your life headed in the direction you want it to be going.

Much love,
Emily xx


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