All You Need To Know About Mindfulness

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2019

By now you’ve likely heard about mindfulness…it’s kind of a ‘thing’ at the moment isn’t it. But what really is it?

I stumbled upon mindfulness when I was oh so deep in my Quarter Life Crisis and really at a loss to do with my directionless, happinessless and generally crap life.

During the steep climb out of my Quarter Life Crisis, I really had no idea what this stuff was called that was so easily and 100%, totally and completely transforming my life into all the awesomeness it is now. It worked so I didn’t really care.

I did however recognize that there was something not so mainstream about all the book, blogs and podcasts I was consuming at such a completely frantic rate. I kept this new found knowledge and way of viewing life a mad secret from everyone around me for fear of being labelled some new aged crazy hippie freak and being cast out of my normal middle class life. Truth be told, there are still a whole lot of people that I wouldn’t talk this stuff with because I know it’s just a bit too left of center.

Enter the term MINDFULNESS…

The term mindfulness makes all this new age crazy hippie stuff more palatable for super regular people such as myself as well as a fair chunk of the world’s population. Labels can be super helpful and this one is no doubt how all this stuff has somehow become so mainstream. I mean, it’s made it to corporate land.

And now to pin down exactly what mindfulness is…


The first thing to understand and accept is that we are all 100% responsible for the state of our lives and how we feel about it.

Mindfulness encompasses a whole bunch of personal practices that empower you to take responsibility for your life AND improve its awesomeness by either:


  1. Decreasing worry

    If you’re suck in a Quarter Life Crisis or just not loving your life right now I can 100% guarantee your life is filled and over flowing with worry. Get rid of worry and your life improves.

    Understanding the power of your thoughts is key here and there are a ton of mindfulness practices that build awareness of your thoughts and improve your reactions to them. Living in the present moment and meditation are infinitely powerful here too.

    One of the absolute best ways to rid yourself of worry is to pour the happiness in, which brings us to the next point.

  2. Increasing happiness

    If you want your life to be happy then make it happy. Sounds retardely simple because it is. There’s no catch. Get happy and you’ll be, well, happy and everything that you want in life will come flowing your way.

    Practicing gratitude is a game changer here. As is getting out of your comfort zone and getting in touch with your true self (how hippie sounding is that PS?!) to fill your life with the things that light YOU up. It’s about making life that thing, what do they call it…FUN!!!!! Life is supposed to be fun you know, and the more of that you have the better.


There are a million different mindfulness practices and as many ways to practice them as there are people in the world. The thing to understand is that your mindfulness practice is personal to you and as long as you’re decreasing the worry in your life and focusing on pouring the happiness in then you’re on the right track using mindfulness to create a life that is 100% awesome.

Oh something super important to remember is the fact that you’ve even come across this mindfulness caper is a big fat sign that it’s time to get this stuff happening in your life. And you’ll find that until you do, life will keep throwing things at you that make this more and more necessary…like a Quarter Life Crisis perhaps?!?!

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