About Me

Here's a bit about me...

I love spaghetti bolognese (like if it's on a menu ANYWHERE, I'm ordering it. I just can't not...and I also make my family eat it at least once a week!), my morning coffee, clean hair and clean sheets, a sea breeze, laughing hysterically, rosé and the cookies from Subway. And of course my family and friends...but that all goes without saying doesn't it?!

Most importantly though, I love me. 

I love my creativity, my decisiveness, my empathy, compassion and that I'm (almost!) always a super sunny person. And also that I'm such an awesome wife and Mom. 

I am my own best friend. 

I can say all this because I was lucky enough to have a quarter life crisis. And I do genuinely mean lucky...now. 

What I learned from that time in my life has changed my life forever and for the better. 

I had no idea about the incredible power we all have within in us. If we shift our focus from all the external stuff happening in our lives, turn it inwards and add a whole lotta  love, life seriously gets magical. 

It wasn't long after I did just that that I met my now husband, had my dream job fall in my lap and moved to a place where I now feel 100% at home. 

All because I figured out that self-love is literally the key to it all. 

If your life right now isn't all sparkles and rainbows, then you're lucky too. This is your chance to create a life that's full of all kinds of awesome. 

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Want to know the only thing guaranteed to take you life from average to AWESOME?

Psssssst...it's SELF-LOVE! Get your Crash Course in Self-Love now.


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